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January 8, 2018

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How Do I Stop Wage Garnishment?

September 10, 2019



Wage garnishment can make you feel out of control.  But there are answers and ways to get get you back on your feet.


What is wage garnishment? 

Wage garnishment occurs when the court mandates an order your employer to take out a certain amount of your income to be held out to satisfy a debt.  Some examples of this type of debt are child support, consumer debt. and student loans.  


But you have some legal actions such as caps on how much can be take out and steps that can help lessen the effect of the garnishment.


What are my Options?

1.  You must be legally notified of a wage garnishment.

2.  Review the notice that is sent to you.  You can file a dispute for any inaccuracies or if you believe the debt is in error.

3.  Income such as Social Security and veteran benefits may be exempt unless they are already in your bank account.

4.  You are prote