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What can you expect from us?

Initial Contact

Whom will I get to talk to?

You will have your case evaluation done with our attorney, Matthew Gross.  Once you book a consultation, he will call you and go over all the details of your case to give you the best next steps to take.

How much does filing bankruptcy cost?

We offer several different payment options.  We have monthly payment plans, $0 down, and up-front payment options.  Matthew will go over your case with you to help determine the best option for you.

What do I need to file for bankruptcy?

Once we have agreed that bankruptcy is the best option and have decided to work together, someone will reach out to request documents.  The documents include bank statements, taxes, pay stubs, and we may request some additional documents depending on your particular case.

The Bankruptcy Process​

What happens after filing?

After you file, you will receive a 341 Notice of Meeting of Creditors.  This is a meeting that takes place with a trustee.  Right now, these meetings are taking place in a teleconference setup.  The trustee evaluates your petition to determine you don't have an excess of disposable income to give to creditors.  Also, if any creditor wants to dispute this bankruptcy, they can be part of this meeting, though this very, very rarely happens.

What documents will I need?

-Client questionnaire

-You will take a pre-filing credit counseling course

-6 months of paystubs

-3 months of bank statement

-3 years of tax returns

-Vehicle registration or title for all vehicles registered in your name

-Your most recent statement for stocks, mutual funds, IRAs, 401k's and other retirement assets, if you have any

-lawsuits, if any

The Timeline

Once your documents have been submitted, your petition can be prepared and submitted within a few days.  From that point, you will get a 341 Notice of Meeting of Creditors (via teleconference).  Read more above.  This meeting takes place about 30 days after filing.  Approximately 30 days after the meeting, you will receive your Notice of Discharge of Debtor.

Want more detailed information?  Click on the Contact us link in the menu or check out our blog page.  Learn everything from taxes to trustees, exemptions to who can file!

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